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Underarm, permanent hair removal MUST ANSWER!?

I am a dancer, and i have to lift mya rsm up alot, i am 14 and i currently wax my underarms, But i still have a HUGE shadow and i cannot wait for another year or soe when the shadow will dissappear. I am thinking about lazer hair removal, at one place i have been told you have to be 16 but at other places they will do it at any age. I was wondering how many treatments you haev to get, is it very plainful? How much does it usually cost, and any other reviews ora nything, have any of yous had it and how good was it?

please i need all the info i can get.

thanks heaps!
Underarm, permanent hair removal MUST ANSWER!?
Laser hair removal is the easiest. Waxing works too, it%26#039;s annoying but it works, right?
Underarm, permanent hair removal MUST ANSWER!?
your too young for that!! maybe try nair..and a bleaching cream for the skin
Reply:Hi, there is a product available like a pen which kills the root of the hair. You need to do it one hair at a time, but it is supposed to work. I think its called epilady. You would be able to find out at the Chemist I think.
Reply:I%26#039;d recommend exfoliating, the shadow sounds like it could be from ingrown hairs.

Buy an epilator if you can%26#039;t be bothered waxing. I use one and it%26#039;s magic!
Reply:You can get the average of cost of laser hair removal service here:


The site also has an article on how laser hair removal works. Its under the section %26quot;Hair Removal Guide%26quot;. Hope this helps. Have a nice day.

Is expensive shampoo and conditionner a con?

I have used some expensive conditionners in the past in order to get my hair to look shiney and healthy - I%26#039;m not sure any have done much good, despite their enormous cost. Maybe most of that money goes on marketing rather than the product itself. Recently I have been eating very heathily and using a mega-bottle conditionnier of shops own brand, cost 37p for a litre or something silly, and the shampoo was even less, and my hair is so healthy looking several people have commented and asked what hair product I use. I think expensive hair products are a total swizzle what say you???
Is expensive shampoo and conditionner a con?
yes but get tresume tht isnt
Is expensive shampoo and conditionner a con?
personally i dont think that shampoos and conditioners make much of a difference. just good to clean your hair
Reply:my girlfriend is a hairdresser and i think its a load of rubbish but she says its healthier for your hair and has more stuff in it to keep your hair healthy and what not
Reply:Yes it is a con just like all the rest of the rubbish that women use in order to make them look something they are not.

It is women%26#039;s own fault that they are get conned like this because of their stupidity and excessive feminine vanity.
Reply:Yeah i think it is a con too
Reply:i agree, they give them all these fancy names, you can get shampoo for dry hair, greasy hair, thin hair, thick hair etc etc, but have you noticed you cant get one for dirty hair....
Reply:All tepol based so the base constituent is tepol based , carry on , I don%26#039;t think you ought to use conditioner daily , diet it%26#039;s the diet . Just for interest you can use washing up liquid .
Reply:They clean your hair and seem to work on mine, ive tried expensive and cheap from Selfridges and Boots and they both do the job, its just that one may have more soap lather or smell better than the other, the other reason I use them is that its far less easier to get dandruff, so all in all a con maybe for the dearer make, but it helps
Reply:I was using expensive shampoo etc but because of lack of funds I changed to a cheap chemist brand and my hair is still in good condition. The one I used even offered a money back guarantee if you didnt like it.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think price guarantees a good product- it%26#039;s what suits your hair best. Some people even make their own at home- which are very cheap. I must admit I use one that%26#039;s 拢4.99 a bottle- Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng %26amp; Honey Conditioner. It makes my hair smell nice- so my husband says and feel soft- if he%26#039;s actually noticed it must be working! But otherwise, I have found many expensive ones a let down. It%26#039;s all about finding the one right for your hair type.
Reply:pretty much.

but it smells nice. =)
Reply:no its not a con,salon shampoos and conditioners are a lot more concentrated and better suited to the individuals needs..it has better ingriedients which makes it more expensive.as a hairdresser and having used both types,i KNOW there is a huge difference.u probably werent using the right shampoo for ur hair,or u didnt understand the product. for example,redken is a shampoo that works purely on the inside of the hair shaft. so while its making ur hair stronger and fixing what was broken chemically (eg perming and colouring),its not improving the feel of it.whereas some salon shampoos are more cosmetic..making ur hair feel good,but not improving the condition of it as much. maybe ur hairdresser that recommended the salon shampoo wasnt clear enough with you about the differences. the shampoo ur using now tho is purely cosmetic..making it feel lovely,but not doing any work on the inside.which is fine for ur hair-as long as its not chemically damaged.
Reply:Being a hairdresser myself.. I would have to say that not all expensive shampoo and conditioners are cons. I have worked with many different types of brands and have found that some of the less expensive shampoo%26#039;s are actually doing damage to your hair. I found it very hard to sell products to people when I knew that they were not going to do anything different then what a cheaper brand did. So i found that the clients that I looked after kept coming back cause the products i did sell to them did what i said they would. Some of the cheaper brands contain silicone which coats the hair giving the illusion that it is shiny and healthy. This is ingredient is suffocating the hair. So if you were to ever want to give your hair a treatment or colour your hair with just a semi-permanent colour then it would not actually work as the outside has the coating on it. Most expensive products are designed specially for a certain problem i.e dry scalp, coloured hair, oily hair... so this is what they are meant to help fix. Like with most damaged hair shampoos you would find they contain protein. This does not make your hair feel soft and shiny at first as what it%26#039;s doing is repairing your hair from the inside out.

Also when shampooing with any expensive shamp/cond, if you have to use more than a small coin size then your using too much. (Your really just washing it down the drain) You should always shampoo your hair twice on the roots. First application removes the dirt and oil. Shampoo also opens the cuticle allowing the second application to really clean the hair. And then condition the hair once only on the ends of the hair. This adds the moisture and closes the cuticle. If you add the conditioner to the roots then the hair produces too much natural oils making the hair prone to getting oily or looking dirty alot earlier than it should. Most cheaper shamp/cond require you to use a whole handful to get the desired result.

After all that I would go to a hairdresser and see if they offer a money back guarentee, this would also suggest that they stand behind their products.
Reply:I%26#039;ve tried expensive shampoos/conditioners and cheap ones. Personally prefer the cheaper ones. Expensive ones claim to do a million things and hardly deliver so a complete waste of money in my opinion.

Using L'oreal hair dye is ther any bad effect of my hair. Such as increasing more gray coloured hair.?

hair colours, especially good ones, usually have no such effect on ur hair. they r very mild and simply cover ur natural hair colour. they do not give u grey hair.

UNDERARM HAIR! please answer i need help desperately!?

I am a 14 year old dancer. I am a ballet and jazz dancer which involves me putting my arms up alot. I have lots of underarm hair, i currently wax and in between waxing i shave, as i cannot let the hair get long because i dance so often. I have a huge shadow when i shave and i still have huge shadow even when i wax! I am thinking about lazer hair removal, i know you may say im to young but i am very self concious about my underarms as no one else has a shadow. I would like to know peoples experiences with lazer hair removal. how many treatments do you usually have to have and how much does it usually cost? Will it be permanent if i get it done? Do yous remmcomend it to me?

thanks heaps

UNDERARM HAIR! please answer i need help desperately!?
u r truly very young to get laser removal done. its better to keep the waxing up but do not alternate it with shaving. shaving usually gives u a stubble. constant waxing lessens the hair growth. give it time n the hair will grow softer n much easier to wax away.
UNDERARM HAIR! please answer i need help desperately!?
if you are a male ...it really doesn%26#039;t matter if you shave ...if u are a female...consult some doctor
Reply:search it
Reply:First of all laser hair removal is expense. Plus its not something that you get one time. Its a set of laser treatments you have to get. Its also painful. Maybe you should try coco butter or Shea butter under your arms to help get rid of or minimize your %26quot;shadow%26quot; that you have problems with. You probably would do better if you buy a product for discoloration of the skin and use that first. before you go to the extreme.
Reply:jeez louiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, do not worry smigle poo, dont ask such a serious medical question online, if i was u i woud go and see a female doctor or ask advice from a doc using the phone.......

or give the lazer hair removal companies a ring and ask advice, go get a consultation....

or than that i still think u are still abit too young.....maybe you should try HAIR REMOVAL CREAM

its just a suggestion :)
Reply:Underarm hair doesn%26#039;t grow in one direction so you need to shave up AND down and very carefully side to side. Also, try using a lotion for skin discoloration if this does not help. Remember to change the blade after every four or five uses!
Reply:Shaving between waxing only makes your hair grow in thicker... And if you are waxing yourself it can be difficult to do it correctly under your arms. But laser hair removal is incredibly expensive and no guarantee that it won%26#039;t grow back!

Stick to just shaving, I bet no one is even looking at your arm pits when you dance anyway, just all your awesome moves!

Does under arm hair grow quicker than the hair on your head??

I think they grow the same
Does under arm hair grow quicker than the hair on your head??
i dont think so
Does under arm hair grow quicker than the hair on your head??
not on me, im a 49 year old macho male, i get my hair cut once a month, but after 49 years my under arm hair is still only a couple of inches long max, if your theory was true i would look like i have the one one eight boys on the tv in a head lock
Reply:I think that it grows faster, especially if you shave under your arms ;P
Reply:It could, potentially. Armpit hair is like leg hair, it stops growing after a certain length. Also, males hair grows faster than females so a man%26#039; s personal experience is irrelevent. I think it could, especially on girls.
Reply:shave ur head just as frequently and u%26#039;ll be surprised to see how fast tht can grow too! unless u have genetic baldness, i%26#039;d say the speed is approximately the same.
Reply:Mine does, check the avatar, but to be serious if you shave under your arms regularly then it will seem that it grows back quick as I don%26#039;t suppose you shave your head every week
Reply:Yes yes yes. It grows faster than hair on ur head. Specially if u did not reach ur 50s yet. And if u dont want them eather go for a laser removal of them or wax them. I wax, they take +/- 2 weeks to START growing again, and the more u wax, the thinner they become and with time they will grow slower or literally STOP to grow.
Reply:Im not sure i think they are the same
Reply:I don%26#039;t think so. It%26#039;s just an impression because you look at your head more often than you look at your armpit and when you do you get surprised!